Cane Rum 80 Proof

Damoiseau Cane Rhum

Agricole Blanc

Damoiseau Cane Rhum is crafted with fresh pressed sugarcane juice from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. A silky smooth white rhum, it is distilled once and rested 6 months in an oak vat before it is slowly reduced to bottle proof with the addition of distilled natural spring water. The character of this rhum is unparalleled with savory aromas and tropical flavors of the exemplary Guadeloupian style of fine Rhum Agricole.

The Damoiseau family has been producing Rhum Agricole according to the French Caribbean tradition since 1942, and benefits from the illustrious terroir from the heart of Grande Terre. The origin denomination label guarantees that Damoiseau continues to craft Rhum Agricole according to their valued tradition and expertise at their Bellevue distillery in Guadeloupe – French West Indies.

Damoiseau Cane Rum 80 Proof

Rhum Damoiseau - Crafting Distinctive Rhums for Over 70 Years

“For more than 70 years now, we are making rhum Damoiseau from our unique terroir in Guadeloupe. Each of our products has a soul and a history. My wish is to give to the consumer the opportunity to share and experiment our values and to taste our products elaborated in the traditional way.” – Hervé Damoiseau, CEO of Rhum Damoiseau