Pure Cane Rum 110 Proof

Damoiseau 110 Proof

Rhum Vieux Agricole

Go to any local bar or beach resort in Guadeloupe or St. Barth and they are pouring high proof Damoiseau out of this old-school 1 Liter bottle. The high proof and notable viscosity, along with the signature tropical and grassy style of Damoiseau, make it arguably the most flavorful R(h)um on the market. Enjoy it as a striking component of a creative Tiki drink, or simply shake it into the best Daiquiri that you will ever taste.

Pure Cane Rum 110 Proof

Rhum Damoiseau - Crafting Distinctive Rhums for Over 70 Years

“For more than 70 years now, we are making rhum Damoiseau from our unique terroir in Guadeloupe. Each of our products has a soul and a history. My wish is to give to the consumer the opportunity to share and experiment our values and to taste our products elaborated in the traditional way.” – Hervé Damoiseau, CEO of Rhum Damoiseau