The Distillery

Rhum agricole is the French term for rum distilled from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice rather than from molasses.

Rhums Damoiseau are made with 100% first-pressed aromatic and flavorful sugarcane juice that are extracted by pressing quality estate grown sugarcane.  This process is inspired by the enjoyment of great brandies, more particularly by the Armagnac of southwestern France.

After the distillation, the rhum is stocked in oak barrel that had previously been used for  bourbon. While the rhum is stocked in oak barrel, some aromatic components evaporating, it is called “la part des anges” (angels parts). Given the hot climate in Guadeloupe, the evaporation is important. Two liters of white rhum are required to get one liter of 10 Years Aged Rhum. Thanks to this maturation in oak barrel, the rhum is taking notes of wood and his light brown coloration.

Even the white rhum is aged 6 months in oak barrel before being bottled while the VSOP is 4 years aged at minimum.

Rhum Damoiseau - Crafting Distinctive Rhums for Over 70 Years

“For more than 70 years now, we are making rhum Damoiseau from our unique terroir in Guadeloupe. Each of our products has a soul and a history. My wish is to give to the consumer the opportunity to share and experiment our values and to taste our products elaborated in the traditional way.” – Hervé Damoiseau, CEO of Rhum Damoiseau