Damoiseau X.O.

Rhum Vieux Agricole

Aged a minimum of 6 years in ex-bourbon barrels, Damoiseau X.O Rhum has a unique combination of power and finesse for an aged Rhum Agricole. A heavy oceanic character has given an opulent depth and the wood and sugarcane come together to release burnt orange peel, mint, cinnamon, and tobacco spices.

Best served neat or in simple cocktails.

Damoiseau X.O. Rum

Rhum Damoiseau - Crafting Distinctive Rhums for Over 70 Years

“For more than 70 years now, we are making rhum Damoiseau from our unique terroir in Guadeloupe. Each of our products has a soul and a history. My wish is to give to the consumer the opportunity to share and experiment our values and to taste our products elaborated in the traditional way.” – Hervé Damoiseau, CEO of Rhum Damoiseau